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Neo soul
Projet Proxima

The global spread of Covid-19 continues to shake artist’s tours and their schedule. 

Nnavy‘s concert planned as part of the Proxima Project on Thursday February 11, 2021 can unfortunately not take place, the Docks being closed.

We are waiting to see the sanitary evolution before setting a new concert, in order to plan this date accordingly with the other support actions held during this project.

We plan to schedule the concert before summer. Currently, tickets purchased remain valid.

We hope to have more news to communicate soon and we thank you for your kind patience.

If necessary, here is the direct link evoking the current situation.

A bedroom, a piano, covers, creations, the narrative is familiar – but not with this voice. If you stumble upon Nnavy‘s Instagram page, you’ll want to come back to it more than once. As you watch her short videos, delivered at such a precise pace, two observations jump out: when will we see her on stage again and when will the album be released? Very soon. Because such a voice can only be amplified.