Age and identity checks may occur at the entrance. Please have your identity card ready.

People under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent / legal representative or by a person whose care has been entrusted to him/her, if the attached form is duly completed and signed.

Admission is prohibited to children under 4 years old (unless stated otherwise). For more info, see Children below.

Unless otherwise indicated or show adapted, children under 4 years of age are not allowed to enter and are not recommended under 7 years of age. Children under 16 must be accompanied (see Age and Identity section above).

Due to the room configuration with a standing audience, we cannot guarantee good visibility for children. 

We would like to remind you of the importance of hearing protection for young children and strongly recommend the use of protective earplugs, as prolonged exposure to maximum sound levels can cause injury. Also, some concerts may have lighting effects that could disturb children.

It is also important to note that crowd movements, although harmless to an adult, can be dangerous for a child. Adults or carers should supervise children at all times. 

In general, the team would like to remind you that the environment of an indoor concert is not the same as that of an outdoor festival. It is the sole responsibility of the parents or carers to make the decision to bring a child to such a venue.

We remain at your disposal in case of questions before, during or after your visit.


The schedule of the evening is defined in agreement with the artist's management and the organisational constraints. They are published as soon as possible but usually between 1 and 7 days before the concert. If they are not yet published, please come back later on the event page.

Please note that it is possible that the headliner will start first or that there will be no opening act. As the schedule may change without notice, we advise you to plan accordingly, as the concerts start at the "start time" indicated on our website.


If the start time of the concerts or the opening of the doors changes, you will be informed as far as possible by email via the ticket offices, or in any case via our weekly newsletter [register here] and our social networks. We advise you to check the timetable on our website before you come.


There is a margin for the entry process when you arrive. We adapt the opening of the doors according to the number of people attending and we advise you to use these times as a basis, especially for sold-out concerts. Thank you in advance for your cooperation!


The nature of a concert being eminently artistic, we cannot prejudge its duration according to the atmosphere and the artist's wishes. We therefore do not publish end times. In the field of live music, it is usually expected that a performance lasts at least 45 minutes and sometimes more than 2 hours. However, this is not contractually binding.

The evening is organized so that our audience can catch the last trains to Berne and Geneva and still enjoy the entire concert, except for exceptions and encores.

A cloakroom is available (limited space) for CHF 2.- per item. Payment by cash or with Twint.

The cloakroom has a limited capacity and is regularly full during busy periods. We ask you to make arrangements accordingly. For the same reason, please do not come to the Docks with bulky objects such as a suitcase. Thank you for your understanding! 🙂

For the lost and found, please contact us at, specifying the item (type, date or name of the concert, description), thus helping us process your request faster. Lost property is kept for 3 months. It is then donated to charities.


Searches may be carried out at the entrance to the Docks. These may consist of a palpation over clothing, a control & search of bags, use of a detection stick. The search is aimed at weapons, drugs and dangerous and/or prohibited objects in the Docks. The search is an integral part of the conditions and rules of access to the Docks. In case of refusal to search and/or to follow the instructions in case of prohibited objects, access to the establishment will not be allowed.


The following items are not allowed in the Docks: weapons, pyrotechnic items, objects considered dangerous in this context (sharp, cutting, blunt, explosive, projecting substances...), food & drinks from outside, cameras & recording equipment (camera, microphones...), umbrellas, motorbike helmets, banners (all sizes) & signs, balloons, stools & folding chairs, water bottles & thermos flasks, or any object likely to deliberately damage the establishment (markers).

This list is not exhaustive and may change at any time in the context of changes in laws and regulations as well as the wishes of the artists' entourage and the venue, according to their own judgement; it is up to our welcome and security staff to decide whether or not to accept an object during the control.

It should also be noted that any extremist, hateful or provocative sign is prohibited and may lead to a refusal of access to the venue.


Some unauthorised objects can be left in the cloakroom (such as umbrellas, motorbike helmets, etc.), while others are confiscated and consigned. In this case, a counter-mark is given to allow the object to be recovered on leaving the establishment. Weapons and narcotics will be confiscated permanently and handed over to the municipal police for destruction in accordance with communal and cantonal regulations.

We do not tolerate any form of violence, whether it is physical, sexual or moral harassment, or whether it is discrimination based on gender identity, sexual orientation and/or love, physical appearance, disability, skin color, ethnic or religious affiliation, social background or any other form.

If you witness or experience violence or harassment at the venue, please inform a member of staff (security, bar, cloakroom, entrance) as soon as possible in order to get support. 

We would also like to draw the attention of our audience to certain drugs (GHB, GBL, BD, etc.) that may be circulating - despite their formal prohibition - in places such as ours. To avoid contact with these substances: 

> Watch your glass at all times

> Do not accept drinks from strangers.

If you or another spectator feels uncomfortable or unsure, inform a member of the team (security, bar, cloakroom, entrance) as soon as possible in order to obtain support. 

The volume can reach up to 100dB. Prolonged exposure to the maximum sound levels for your location can cause injury.

We recommend the use of hearing protection (available for free at the bars and cloakroom). 

The sound experience may vary slightly depending on where you are in the room, with the optimum settings being made by the sound engineer in the centre of the room. The sound engineer ensures that the aesthetic desired by the artist is reproduced and is often part of the artistic team. 

If necessary, we invite you to change your position in the venue.

At some concerts, special effects can be part of the scenography (smoke, light effects, laser, pyrotechnics...). In principle, any significant effects are announced at the entrance.

In case of a known disturbance due to a specific effect, it is possible to contact us before the concert, through the contact form, to obtain more information. 

Light effects - especially stroboscopic ones - are used very regularly. Please note that some of these effects can increase the risk of epileptic seizures in people at risk. 

If in doubt, please ask one of our team members (security, bar, cloakroom, entrance) for information.

We encourage you to use public transportation to reach us.

Public Transport

Lausanne public transports bring you to the venue Docks :

  • BUS 17: direction Villars Ste-Croix (stop EPSIC)
  • BUS 16: direction Provence nord (stop Belvédère)
  • Metro: M1 (stops Vigie or Montelly)

Schedules and itineraries on

To access the district, a lift is located between S 54 and 56 Avenue de Sévelin (at the same place as the metal staircases) and offers easy access from Rue de Genève and its numerous public transport services (bus line, metro m1 and future tramway).


If you are coming from outside Lausanne and/or outside Switzerland you can check all the routes and schedules on


White parking spaces are available around the building and in the neighborhood. We are however not responsible for these spaces.


Geneva airport is the closest to Lausanne. From the airport you can reach Lausanne in less than 45 minutes by train.


For information on hotels in Lausanne and what the region has to offer, you can visit the following websites:

Aware of the climate and ecological urgency and the crucial need for change, we try to reduce the impact of the venue as much as possible. Our actions: 

  • Concert times adapted to travel to and from the concert by public transport
  • Sorting and recycling as much as possible
  • Limiting food waste (precise calculation of quantities) and preference for seasonal products
  • Reduction of waste and single-use items (e.g. alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in reusable drums, abolition of straws, returnable glasses, etc.)
  • Quality water fountain in the backstage area, to limit the consumption of water in PET bottles
  • Installation of a photovoltaic plant on the roof producing the equivalent of 70% of our annual consumption and self-consumption during the day
  • Supply of electricity from 100% renewable sources only
  • Saving energy through material measures, adjustments and awareness raising, reducing our electricity consumption by 47%

With a view to continuous improvement, we are working both internally and with our partners and service providers to reduce our ecological footprint. These actions make sense when they are shared by as many people as possible. We therefore encourage the public, artists and staff to follow our lead and count on everyone's collaboration. 

For more information on the subject of environmental commitment in the music industry:

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