Swiss Pole

Opération Iceberg

Initiated and led by Les Eurockéennes de Belfort (FR) and La Fondation cma (CH), 13 French-Swiss cultural actors are developing an experimental project to support 11 emerging artists/groups.

The latter benefit from residencies (Immersions), training courses (Arrimages) and concerts (Grands bains). A wide range of professionals, such as sound engineers, renown musicians or communication experts coordinate these actions.

If all these terms seem barbaric, go and visit the website:

Opération Iceberg has also developed a Mobility Kit, which helps Swiss and French artists to better export themselves.

The Opération Iceberg #7 in video:

The artist supported by the Docks and Le Romandie:

NATHALIE FROEHLICH (Lausanne, CH) –  weird rap electronic

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