Below, you will find information to facilitate access and circulation in the Docks.

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If you can’t find the information you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to consult our practical information.



People with disabilities who are unable to access the venue independently may be offered a place for an accompanying person.

Please contact in advance or call 021 623 44 44.

Please contact us as soon as possible, especially before you buy tickets.

Unfortunately, as places are limited, we cannot guarantee that any will be available.



Access to the venue is on one level.

An adapted toilet is available. It can be accessed with a kaba 5000 key. We have one at the ticket office if you need it. Please return the key to security when you leave.



Inside the venue, the walls are dark and there are poles. In the concert hall, the lights can be very dim.

The stage lights can have rapid effects, such as strobing.

During concerts, the sound is loud (it can reach 100 db, more info under practical info).

There is no magnetic loop.

Unfortunately there is no raised platform in the concert hall.

We try to do our best but it is possible that the visibility of wheelchair users may be reduced depending on how busy it is.

For safety reasons, we recommend that wheelchair users sit on the left-hand side (facing the stage). The space is close to an emergency exit.

We advise people with reduced mobility to arrive as soon as the doors open so that they can be get ready comfortably.

There are no seats in the venue. All members of the public stand, including on the gallery.

For more information about the venue and its facilities, visit the Pro Infirmis website.


The foyer gallery contains high stools and benches for sitting and resting. These benches do not have a direct view of the stage. Access is by stairs only.



There is a PRM parking space at the entrance to the district, towards 8 Avenue de Sévelin.

If you are accompanying a person with reduced mobility, you can drop them off in front of the entrance before parking.

For access to the district, a lift is located between 54 and 56 Avenue de Sévelin (in the same place as the metal staircases). It provides easy access from the rue de Genève and its public transport (bus line, m1 metro and future tramway).


If you have any special requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll do our best to help you.

You can write to us at

You can also use the form at this link.

You can call us on 021 623 44 44.


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