The Foundation

La Fondation pour les Musiques Actuelles (FMA), formed in April 2003, was entrusted with the structure of the Théâtre des Roseaux. Built as part of Expo 02 on the Arteplage of Neuchâtel, it is moved to the Sévelin neighborhood and reopened in 2005 under the name Docks.

Expected for many years, the project of the concert venue the Docks intends to play an important cultural and educative role in the field of modern music, anchored in the French speaking part of Switzerland.


  • Booking local, national and international artists at an affordable price for the public
  • Federating music scenes on different projects (residencies, co-productions, festivals)
  • Opening doors to Swiss artists for rehearsals, recordings, shootings and performances as opening acts.
  • To offer opportunities for initiation and training in the world of music and performing arts.

Visions & Values

  • Diversity of musical styles
  • Quality of the shows, reception and infrastructure
  • Proximity between the artists and the audience
  • Openness and honesty in the artistic choices


  • President: Mathias Burnand
  • Members: Stéphanie Apothéloz, Aurelia Jaquier, Maurice Moreillon, Anne Pittet, Tom Guex, Erol Toker
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