update: 30.03.20 10h00

Facing the spread of the coronavirus, the authorities of the Canton de Vaud have decided to close the entertainment venues, from now on until 30 April 2020.

The Docks will therefore be closed the coming weeks, BUT music can still be listened to !

Thank you for your support and above all : take care of yourself and others.

Regarding our program and the tickets, we will inform you regularly via our website, our social networks and our newsletter.

The following concerts are concerned:

– 13.03.20: Lonepi’s concert cancelled. We are actively working to find a postponement date.

– 14.03.20: The family show from Les Petits Chanteurs à la Gueule de Bois is postponed to 28.06.20. A second representation is also added.

– 23.03.20: Metronomy postponed to 05.10.20.

– 26.03.20: Chelsea Wolfe’s concert cancelled. We are actively working to find a postponement date.

– 27.03.20: IAM’s concert cancelled.

– 28.03.20: The Groove Sessions Live postponed to 04.12.20.

– 01.04.20: CocoRosie concert cancelled.

– 05.04.20 : Brass Against concert reporté au 21.11.20.

– 25.04.20: Loco Escrito postponed to 26.09.20.

– 29.04.20: Fixit Proxima Project postponed to 24.06.20.

– 09.05.20: Caravan Palace postponed to 18.10.20.

– 15.05.20: Mahmood postponed to 12.02.21.

– 22.05.20: Apparat postponed to 28.11.20.

– 23.05.20: Scylla postponed to 11.09.20.

Concerning the rest of April’s concerts, information will be given very soon.


We remain in contact with the authorities and will keep you informed if any changes occur.