Grupo Compay Segundo

The legend of Chan-Chan

Doors19:30 Show20:30
Traditional cuban music
Valid COVID certificate with QR code + ID card required for this event.

NEW DATE – Tickets remain valid for this date.

Direction and bass : Salvador Repilado Labrada

Félix Martínez Montero (Armónico and choirs)

Hugo Garzón Bargalló (First voice and Maracass)

Nilso Arias Fernández (Second voice and Guitare)

Rafael Inciarte Rodríguez (Musical direction and choirs)

Haskell Armenteros Pons (Clarinette and choirs)

Rafael Inciarte Cordero (Clarinette and bass)

Rafael Fournier Navarro (Percussions and choirs)

Yoel Matos Rodriguez (Guitare and choirs)