Adriano Koch

You must have the guts to leave everything at seventeen, go live alone and get into music. Adriano Koch has a straight look and a frank smile. Above all, he has a disconcerting ease as he plays along the white and black keys of his piano, as well as those of his computer. It results in a beautiful dialogue between electronic melodies and the freedom of jazz. With an EP in the books, Drowned in Being (self-produced, mixed and mastered), he takes advantage of the Proxima project to work on the live set of his upcoming album.

Log book

First encounter with the Swiss Pole


Exploratory meeting on the objectives and actions to be carried out


Meeting to set the objectives and actions


Encounter with the Docks’ communication manager to discuss the strategy and reverse planning for the release of the new album

01.10.2019 - 02.10.2019

Residency to prepare the concert, with the producer GR! (Muthoni Drummer Queen)


Concert in the Docks' Cafe

20.11.2019 + 22.11.2019

A day in Bern in the studios of Mario Batkovic and a day in Lausanne in those of Adriano Koch, to share their respective artistic influences


One month prior the release of the new album, he works on the last details of the show with his light engineer and GR!


Final encounter for the feedbacks