Imelda Gabs

Imelda Gabs plays with harmonies, both musical and in the narrative, as the 1st single Fallen Angel attests. Full of sincerity, it marks perfectly her new solo chapter. The world turns and she moves forward, following the rythme of her piano. With blues, funk, classical or ragtime, thanks to Imelda, it has a thousand voices through her fingers.

Log book

First encounter with the Swiss Pole


Exploratory meeting on the objectives and actions to be carried out

11.02 - 04.03 - 12.03.2021

Voice coaching courses with Muriel Dubuis, at l'EJMA


Encounter with the Docks’ communication manager to discuss the digital strategies

09.05.2021 - 11.05.2021

Residency on the main stage of the Docks, in the company of Yilian Cañizares, to work on the scenic aspects


Residency to work on the lighting show


Concert on the main stage

05.07.2021 - 07.07.2021

Residency to work on her Montreux Jazz Festival show


Last encounter with the Pôle Suisse project manager