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Exhibition: Alain Bardet

Fuzz Modern

12.03.2020 - 02.07.2020
Closing party Thursday July 2nd, from 5pm

Extension of the exhibition from June 8 to July 2 

  • Open from 5pm to 6pm only during weekdays (free entry)

The space is adapted to respond to sanitary measures, while ensuring a friendly welcome.

Closing party on Thursday July 2 from 5 pm:

  • A drink offered between 6 pm and 8 pm
  • Before, during and after: DJ Foster Kane will play only vinyls from a selection of soul, rock & blues.
  • Public event and free entry.

As space is limited, the rules of distancing cannot be systematically followed. Some indications must be observed:

  • Please do not attend the closing party if you feel sick.
  • We recommend wearing a protective mask.
  • We ask anyone accessing the Docks during this event to register and leave in a sealed box their last name + first name + phone number + postal code + arrival time. This data will be deleted after 14 days; the cantonal medical service can only request this information in the event of suspected infection.
  • IMPORTANT: in the event of a contact with a person infected with Covid-19, all participants could be quarantined.


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