PHANEE DE POOL and the Ensemble DécOUVRIR

Doors17:00 Show18:00
... present the OCTOGRAM show

Phanee de Pool is a musical extraterrestrial, a magician of words and sounds, an artist born to live on stage. With subtle metaphors and perfectly strung rhymes, she bewitches the audience with her charisma, humour and outspokenness. With her, the French language is embellished, tongues are loosened, we laugh, we are astonished, we question ourselves – and then we go on with our lives, marked for sure by Phanee’s magical powers.


For her performance at the Docks, Phanee de Pool will be accompanied by the Ensemble DécOUVRIR, led by her Parisian pianist and arranger Etienne Champollion.