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Ondara has partnered with PLUS1 so that 1 CHF from every ticket sold will go to supporting World Central Kitchen’s work to provide meals in response to humanitarian, climate, and community crises across the globe.


We are deeply sorry to announce that for reasons beyond our control Ondara’s concert at the Docks, originally scheduled for November 19, 2022, has been cancelled

Here’s a statement of the artist: Hello EU friends, I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that the preparations for the Spanish villager concert experience have been going swimmingly; more and more I’m learning how to move and to be free by embodying the Spanish villager. I want to bring my all to these concerts, to immerse myself in the record and the character, to bring you an unforgettable spiritual experience. At the moment, the only way to execute this vision honestly and with integrity is by reducing the number of shows I’ll be playing and bringing my all to the remaining ones. To that effect, I will be canceling a few of the shows on the tour, which is the bad news.. However, I will still be in your neck of the woods playing the remaining shows, so you can come and experience the Spanish villager concert at one of those locations. Much love and see you soon. Ondara.

All tickets are refunded at point of purchase but at the latest on December 19, 2022. For the tickets purchased online, no further action is required, the amount will be refunded on the payment method used for the purchase of the tickets, unless our ticketing provider states otherwise or contact you back.


J.S Ondara is now only Ondara, but his voice still has a gentle nostalgia about it, the kind that captures you in an instant, that brings you back to buried memories, to unfulfilled wishes. Born in Kenya, the artist grew up listening to American rock music and (especially) Bob Dylan, who never ceased to inspire him. After moving to the United States, everything accelerated and Ondara started sharing his music around the world, a music filled with emotions and instincts, a music for the heart and the mind.