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In collaboration with Les Créatives


JP / US Indie-Rock

Mitski has this je-ne-sais-quoi which holds the attention. An accuracy, a sensitivity, an intelligence, surely all at the same time. Raised in the four corners of the world, she grew up looking for herself – and found herself in music, indie rock composed by a maestro. A first song at 18, then everything follows, until the famous Puberty 2 in 2016 and Be the Cowboy in 2018. What comes next can only be beautiful. 


US Indie-Rock

In bands, in studios, at school, as a teacher, producer, musician, for other artists, for films, Sasami Ashworth’s life is all about music. So it was time to launch a solo project, SASAMI. A first self-titled album in 2019, a second one announced with already a single released: a metal cover of the acoustic track Sorry Entertainer by Daniel Johnston. SASAMI definitely has more than one string to his bow.