For several years now, the team at Docks has been endeavouring to offer a range of cultural activities in addition to its range of concerts and its support for the Swiss scene.

Although they have never yet defined a precise direction, the staff have always been keen to offer a warm welcome and a spirit of openness to the outside world, as well as raising awareness about artistic work, performing arts and live music.

The links between the Docks and the socio-cultural environment of the Lausanne region have enabled the venue to establish itself as a major regional cultural venue, but also as a social space for exchange, meeting, training and sharing.

In order to further develop its concept of cultural mediation and to propose coherent initiatives in line with the guidelines laid down by the City of Lausanne and the Canton of Vaud, the Docks team decided to take further training in this area. This was also to strengthen its position and make regional cultural life more accessible to the general public.

After several workshops and team coaching sessions, a cultural initiatives programme has be launched in September 2023. This programme lists the commitments that have been in place within the institution for a number of years, and provides a framework for the development of new cultural and social initiatives in the future.

This approach aims to highlight these initiatives as part of the overall offering of the cultural institution that Docks represents.

OUR mission


Through this programme, we want to offer the public a range of schemes and initiatives that promote access to new music, encourage encounters and experimentation, and raise awareness of our activities and the associated professions.

These schemes and actions aim to:

  • Facilitate experimentation for as many people as possible
  • Encourage active participation and access to culture that respects each individual
  • Raise awareness of our business and the associated professions
  • Stimulate exchanges between cultures
  • Strengthen the link with our audiences and the feeling of belonging
  • Offer keys to understand our areas of activity

We would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact us using the form below.

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