Swiss Pole

Projet Proxima

New scene, new constellation

As part of its actions to support the local scene, the Docks present the Projet Proxima, a new musical event in the Café highlighting emerging artists. Amongst other inputs, this project includes a semi-acoustic concert, a day and a half residency, as well as an audio and video recording.

Learning tools

Proxima is also part of a teaching process. The communication’s, production’s and sound’s assistants are fully involved in this ambitious project, thus – like the artists – benefitting from the experience and expertise of a professional structure.

Media partner: Slash Média

The artists supported in 2018-2019

NALU – videophotos

Broken Bridge – video – photos

KAY JAM – videophotos

The Catlins – videophotos

The artists supported in 2017-2018

Arma Jackson – videophotos

Broken KA & MAX.P – videophotos

Fabe Gryphin – videophotos

Colour Of Rice – videophotos


Press release of September 28, 2017 (french)

Press release of August 17, 2017 (french)