Divide and Dissolve

Doors19:30 Show20:30


US Rock

We dreamed of it and here they are: Low will finally play at the Docks and will delight us with their minimalist and hypnotic rock. From the smooth harmonies of the first album I Could Live in Hope (1994) to the electronic dissonances of Double Negative (2018), what always comes out are the deep, soaring atmospheres and the slow tempo: a real incitement to relax. When listening to their music, the rest of the world pauses. Welcome to an enchanted and mystical parenthesis, a lullaby that caresses us – and pierces us. Oh, and here’s a good news: a new album will be released in late 2021 on Sub Pop.

Divide and Dissolve

AUS Instrumental

Takiaya and Sylvie are a duo like no other. Through the instrumental compositions of Divide and Dissolve, they fight against all forms of oppression, working for those who cannot make their voices heard. The result is music that reaches deep into our souls, with cataclysmic sounds that bring to the surface the reality of our world, our worlds – with them, you want to turn everything upside down.  

Divide and Dissolve