Feu! Chatterton

Doors19:30 Show20:30
Valid COVID certificate with QR code + ID card required for this event.
Only Swiss Show

Oh yes, Feu Chatterton is back! Our dear Parisian comrades who like to mix words with passion are back. And it’s all in blue that their third album, Palais d’Argile, was released in March 2021. Among the titles of their palace, we discover a Monde Nouveau, delicately named but hiding a half-confessed truth, between hope and disenchantment. This disenchantment is the common thread of the powerful new opus. Beyond the words, we let ourselves be embraced by their musical universe that we had missed so much.


Beyond the words, we hear the tenderness coming out of Arthur’s voice, hoarse and bewitching. Beyond the words, the magic resurfaces, it is reassuring, exhilarating. But let’s come back to these words. Without letting ourselves be seduced, we let them overwhelm us, for a really delicious result.